Graduate Studies

Rights and Responsibilities

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Graduation Requirements

Graduate Programs

Specific requirements for each graduate degree and credential program offered by the University of La Verne are contained in the Graduate Programs section of this catalog; policies for second master’s degrees are described in the Graduate Admissions section. To qualify for a degree or credential or certificate, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above for all University La Verne course work required for the degree or credential or certificate. All transfer credit from other colleges or universities must be 3.0 or above.

ESL Requirement for Graduate Students

An applicant admitted into a graduate program who does not possess a degree granted by an English speaking institution, where English is the primary language of instruction and of the geographical area, must meet the minimum English proficiency admission requirements (see Graduate Admission Section) before registering.

Re-use of a Course for Students Enrolled in a Master degree

Students enrolled in a single master degree program will be allowed to reuse required coursework within the master degree. Reuse will be allowed provided the student meets the following minimum semester hour requirements:

  • Minimum number of semester hours required for the completion of the masters program.
  • Minimum number of semester hours required for completion of the core requirement for the masters degree.
  • Minimum number of semester hours required for completion for each of the concentration(s) for the masters degree.

Concentration(s) in a Degree

Students may elect to include a concentration in their master degree. A concentration is a group of courses approved by the major department within the major with a particular interest or focus. A concentration requires 12 semester hours. Concentrations must be declared at the time of advanced standing. The concentration(s) is printed on the student’s transcript and diploma.

Advancement to Candidacy: Master’s Degree Programs

Master’s degree candidates must have received Advanced Standing prior to the beginning of the semester or session for which they plan on registering for their culminating activity. The culminating activity is defined as a program designated capstone requirement for each degree program which students usually, but not always, register in their final term of enrollment. The culminating activity, as published in the catalog and designated by each degree program, must be completed in order for the student’s degree to be conferred.

To apply for Advanced Standing students must have completed the number of units and any assigned stipulations listed below according to the degree program they are pursuing.

Required Semester Hours (SH) for the Degree Program
Degree Program Required Semester Hours
30 SH Program 18 SH completed or completed 15 SH & currently enrolled in 3 SH
33 - 36 SH Program 21 SH completed or completed 18 SH & currently enrolled in 6 SH
39 - 50 SH Program 30 Sh completed or completed 25 SH & currently enrolled in 6 SH
51 - plus SH Program 43 SH completed or completed 37 SH & currently enrolled in 6 SH
Additional Requirements
  • Completed all prerequisites assigned upon admissions
  • Completed ESL courses
  • Fulfilled any stipulations assigned upon admissions
  • Be in good academic standing in degree program applicable course work

When all the requirements are met, student must submit an Application for Advanced Standing with the approval of their academic advisor along with an Application for Graduation to Graduate Academic Services or their regional campus. Students must pay the graduation fee to Student Accounts (See current catalog for current fee). Verification of Advanced Standing is sent to the student’s ULV email address ( by Graduate Academic Services or the ROC Student Services Office.

Advancement to Candidacy: Doctoral Degree Programs

Doctoral degree candidates must meet their Degree Program requirements for Advancement to the Doctoral Candidacy or Comprehensive Review for their respective programs. (See respective doctoral degree programs for further information).

Time Limitations

All requirements for the master’s degree are to be completed within five years from the time of first course registration post admission for the graduate program at the University of La Verne; all requirements for the doctorate, within eight years. Students who do not complete their degree requirements within the appropriate time limit, have the option to appeal for an extension of time to complete their degree program. Appeals for extensions of time limitations must be made in writing to the Graduate Appeals Committee.

Master's Degrees
Semester/Term of Matriculation Must Complete Degree Program by:
Fall Semester Summer Semester of the 5th year
Spring Semester Fall Semester of the 5th year
Summer Semester Spring Semester of the 5th year
Doctoral Degrees
Semester/Term of Matriculation Must Complete Degree Program by:
Fall Semester Summer Semester of the 8th year
Continuous Enrollment for Culminating Activity/Field Work

Students who receive an IP for all thesis, graduate seminar, fieldwork/internship and culminating activity courses and have not cleared it within one year following the end of the semester of enrollment, can extend their enrollment for six months with a one-semester-hour extension fee and approval. A maximum of four, six-month extensions will be permitted within the five-year time limit for the completion of the degree.

Doctoral students who do not complete the dissertation process within the three/five years of course work must be continuously enrolled in Continuous Enrollment each semester up through the eight-year time limit for the completion of the degree. (See respective doctoral degree programs for further information).

Degree Completion Date

The degree is not considered completed until all of the requirements have been fulfilled, all grades have been received, and all applicable advanced standing or appeal fees have been paid. The degree date will be determined by the final event that completes the degree; this may be the final day of the semester, the date coursework is completed for an IP, INC, or CE grade, or the payment of required advanced standing and/or appeal fees.

Commencement Ceremony

The University of La Verne holds commencement ceremonies each year in Spring. A candidate qualifies to participate in the ceremony (usually in January) upon successful completion of all degree and program requirements during the preceding Summer, or Fall, or when he or she has enrolled in all final courses during the current Spring or Summer semester.

Changes to Academic Records after Degree Completion

A student’s Academic Record is academically sealed at the time the student’s degree is posted to their transcript. With the exception of error, omissions, or documented discrepancies, changes to the student’s major, concentration, GPA, the removal and/or change of incomplete grades or other components of the academic record are not permitted without the approval of the appeals committee.