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2023-24 Catalog – Provisions Subject to Change

The information provided in the catalog reflects current policies, procedures and fees in place at the time of publication. However, the University reserves the right to make necessary changes in policies, requirements, tuition, fees and calendars contained herein at any time without prior notification.

2023-24 Catalog Effective Dates – August 15, 2023 through August 29, 2024

University of La Verne catalogs become effective on the first day of the Academic Year (Fall Semester) and remain in effect until the first day of the following academic year (Fall Semester).

2023-24 Catalog – Student Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the student to be familiar with the information presented in this catalog and to know and observe all policies and procedures related to the academic program the student is pursuing. Requirements and regulations will not be waived, nor exceptions granted because a student pleads ignorance of policies and procedures. While academic advisors will assist students in every way possible, the responsibility for following all policies and meeting all requirements and deadlines rests with the student. Students are expected to satisfy the requirements of the catalog in effect at the time they are admitted to, and begin coursework in, a degree program. However, a student may elect to graduate under the catalog in effect at the time of his or her graduation provided the student complies with ALL requirements of that catalog. New catalogs take effect on the first day of the Academic Year (Fall Semester) it was published. The official Course Catalog is online at MyLaVerne and is updated continuously.

The information provided in the Catalog reflects current policies, procedures and fees in place at the time of publication. However, the University reserves the right, in its discretion, to modify or suspend its services, policies, requirements, tuition, fees, programs, instruction, and calendars at any time without prior notification as deemed necessary by the University, including without limitation, for reasons such as drought, flood, earthquake, storm, fire, lightning, epidemic, pandemic, power outage, war, riot, civil disturbance, sabotage, explosions, strikes, lock-outs or labor disputes, the existence of hazardous waste, unforeseen subsurface conditions, orders of any governmental entity, the absence, suspension, termination, interruption, denial, or failure of renewal of, or the pendency of any litigation relating to applicable permits or any changes in law.

Printed and Electronic Catalogs

This catalog can be found online at and conforms to the Catalog Effective Dates and policies printed herein. Its contents do not change during the time that the catalog is effective except as provided for in “Changes in Policy, Tuition, and Fees,” as stated above. In contrast, the University’s academic organization, courses, personnel, and student affairs offerings are briefly mentioned in this catalog but detailed in full on our website, because these four sections are dynamic and benefit from regular updates. Course, schedule, and financial aid application information is found in MyLaVerne at, while details on academic organization, personnel, and student affairs as well as expanded academic calendars are available through the La Verne website. The current printed catalog and selected past catalogs as well as catalogs of courses can be downloaded in full or in part at


MyLaVerne can be accessed at the top of the University of La Verne’s home page, In addition to complete information on La Verne courses, MyLaVerne provides full schedule information and financial aid notes. Registered students use MyLaVerne to register for courses, submit financial aid forms, complete course evaluations, view their grades, and more.

Maps and Directions

Maps and directions to the Main Campus can be found at: