Undergraduate & Graduate Certificates

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LaFetra College of Education

In support of the University of La Verne’s Core Value of Life Long Learning, each college has a selection of certificates from which students can choose. The intent of the certificate is to promote intellectual curiosity and support the importance of lifelong learning. Each certificate is designed to allow students the option to apply for admission to the University of La Verne’s attached degree program. All courses offered as part of a certificate are designated as degree applicable.

Students who would like additional information about each of the certificates listed are invited to contact the colleges listed above.


Admitted students are eligible to enroll in the certificate program to which they are admitted. Refer to the Registration section of this catalog for deadlines and procedures.

Financial Aid

Students who are admitted to the certificate program only are not eligible to apply for Financial Aid with the exception of the Paralegal Certificate Program. Students who are concurrently matriculated to the degree program and the attached certificate are eligible to apply for Financial Aid as a degree seeking student. Students admitted to the Paralegal Studies Certificate Program are eligible to apply for Financial Aid.


Upon completion of required courses for the certificate as stated in the catalog, the Program/Department Chair will notify the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar will post the completion of the certificate to the student academic record.