Data Analytics (MS)

Degree Requirements

Foundation Courses

0-3 semester hours

The foundation courses a student must fulfill are determined by a review of the student's undergraduate coursework and professional experience. If foundation courses are needed, they should be among the first courses taken.

MDA 500Statistics and Linear Algebra3
Total Semester Hours3

Total Program: 36 semester hours

Core Courses

21 semester hours

BUS 510Management of Information Technology3
BUS 512Integrated Data Management3
MDA 501SAS Programming Essentials3
MDA 502Multivariate Statistical Analysis3
MDA 503Data Mining and Predictive Analytics I3
MDA 504Data Mining and Predictive Analytics II3
MDA 580Analytics Graduate Seminar (Culminating Activity)3
Total Semester Hours21


15 semester hours

Students in this program must select one of the three available concentrations.

Marketing Analytics Concentration

BUS 560Seminar in Marketing Management3
MDA 564Marketing Research Methods3
MDA 565Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics3
MDA 568Experimental Design and Market Testing3
MDA 569Marketing Analytics3
Total Semester Hours15

Supply Chain Analytics Concentration

BUS 575Analysis of Business Operations3
BUS 576Supply Chain Management & Strategy3
MDA 572Problem Solving Methodologies3
MDA 573Analytics in Operations and Planning3
MDA 579Analytics in Logistics and Sourcing3
Total Semester Hours15

Healthcare Data Analytics Concentration

HSM 501Current Trends and Issues in Health Services3
HSM 546Epidemiology3
HSM 564Application of Healthcare Analytics3
Select two of the following:6
Medical Career Development Practicum
Field Work/Internship
Environmental Change & Public Health
Epidemiology of Global Health
Geo-Spatial Epidemiology
Total Semester Hours15

Masters in Data Analytics 4+1 Program

Open to undergraduate students in the College of Business as well as Computer Science majors, the Masters in Data Analytics 4+1 Program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of business intelligence and the ability to analyze data and generate insights for better decision-making in the modern business world. During the senior year, undergraduate students approved for this MSDA 4+1 Program will begin taking graduate MSDA courses, which will count toward both degrees, thereby providing an accelerated path to completion.

Minimum Requirements to Apply to Participate in the MSDA 4+1 Program:

  1. Must be a current full-time undergraduate student at the University of La Verne.
  2. GPA 2.75 overall and in the major.
  3. Students must have completed a minimum of 88 units by the end of the junior year.
  4. Students must complete the “Application for Graduation Process” for the bachelor’s undergraduate degree (between April-May).

MSDA Courses in Senior Undergraduate Year:

  1. Once accepted to the Program, it is expected students will register to attend both the Fall and Spring of their senior year as full-time students with a maximum of two MSDA courses each semester.
  2. Students may take the remaining GE and major requirements concurrently during this senior year.
  3. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the courses intended to be used for the MSDA graduate degree.
  4. No undergraduate courses may be used to satisfy MSDA graduate-level courses.
  5. If students complete Statistics (e.g., BUS 270 Statistics or a substantially equivalent course) and Linear Algebra (e.g., MATH 320 Linear Algebra or a substantially equivalent course) with grades of C+ or better, MDA 500 Statistics and Linear Algebra can be waived.
  6. A maximum of 12 units of MSDA courses (3 units each) can be taken in the senior year, with a maximum of 6 units in Fall and 6 units in Spring.
  7. MSDA course options during the senior year may include a maximum of 4 MSDA courses and may be applied to the bachelor’s undergraduate degree. See program chair for options.