Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Admission Requirements

Prerequisites: Applicants should possess a master’s degree, ideally in Business Administration or a closely related field. Applicants must also have a minimum of three years of work experience.

Program’s Starting Date: Students accepted into the DBA program will begin their coursework in the Fall Semester.

Admission: Applicants are evaluated in a two-stage process

First stage applicants are initially screened based on:

  1. Bachelor's degree transcript.
  2. Master's degree transcript.
  3. Statement of Purpose
  4. A resume

Applicants advancing to the second stage will be required to schedule a personal interview (in-person or via zoom).

Letters of recommendation may be required if a definitive decision cannot be made on the basis of the application materials. A standardized test score (e.g. GMAT or GRE) and additional transcripts may be required if recommended by the Faculty Admissions Committee. The department considers all of these measures in deciding on admission.

Plan of Study Grid
First YearSemester Hours
DBA 681 Nature of Inquiry 3
DBA 656 Advanced Topics in Leadership and Management 3
DBA 628 Applied Managerial Economics 3
DBA 651 Seminar in Organizational Behavior 3
DBA 675 Quantitative Research I: Applied Regression Analysis 3
DBA 643 Ethics & Social Responsibility 3
 Semester Hours18
Second Year
DBA 635 Finance 3
DBA 615 Innovation & IT in Business 3
DBA 665 Marketing Theory 3
DBA 674 Qualitative Research 3
DBA 694 Seminars in Strategic Management 3
DBA 684 Dissertation Seminar A 3
 Semester Hours18
Third Year
DBA 685 Dissertation Seminar B 3
DBA 686 Dissertation Proposal Devlp 3
DBA 676 Dissertation Data Analysis 3
DBA 687 Dissertation I 3
DBA 688 Dissertation II 3
DBA 689 Dissertation III 3
 Semester Hours18
 Total Semester Hours54

Dissertation Units 1 - 16

Students must be continuously enrolled in either DBA 699C Dissertation Seminar I or DBA 699D Dissertation Seminar II until they successfully complete their dissertation and their degree is posted.

Post Coursework Semesters 7 - 8

DBA 699C Dissertation Seminar I  (One semester hour per semester as needed)

Post Coursework Semesters 9 - 16

DBA 699D Dissertation Seminar II (Two semester hours per semester as needed)