Leadership and Management (MS)

Human Resource Management Concentration

MGMT 522Human Resource Management3
Selet a minimum of three of the following:9
Management of Diversity
Training and Development
Seminar in Human Resource Management
Negotiations and Collective Bargaining
Total Semester Hours12

Nonprofit Management Concentration

MGMT 520Leadership: Theory and Practice3
Select a minimum of three of the following:9
Managing Nonprofits
Marketing for Nonprofits
Effective Fundraising
Accounting & Compliance for Nonprofits
Grant Writing for Public and Private Funding
Total Semester Hours12

Organizational Development Concentration

MGMT 523Organizational Theory and Development3
Select a minimum of three of the following:9
Management of Diversity
Building Partnerships; Creating Coalitions
Seminar in Organizational Development
Managing Groups and Teams
Total Semester Hours12

Note: Units do not double count in the Core and the Concentration.

Master of Science, Leadership and Management 4+1 Program for BS Organizational Management Students

The 4+1 Master of Science in Leadership & Manangement (MSLM) program will help undergraduate students prepare to be effective future leaders for all types of organizations. The program provides students with the experience to apply theory to real-world applications. Graduates leave with both the ability to apply organizational leadership theory and the problem-solving skills needed to manage an organization. During the student’s senior year in the undergraduate BS Organizational Management (BSOM) program, students will begin taking graduate MSLM courses, which will count toward both degrees, thereby, providing an accelerated path to completion.

Minimum Requirements to Apply to Participate in the 4+1 MSLM program

  • Must be a current undergraduate BSOM student.
  • Student must retain a 2.75 GPA overall and in the major in their senior year.
  • Student must maintain a 3.0 GPA in MSLM courses.
  • A maximum of 12 units of MSLM courses can be taken in the senior year.
  • MSLM course options during the senior year may include: MGMT 521 Ethics and Decision-Making, MGMT 522 Human Resource Management, MGMT 523 Organizational Theory and Development, MGMT 526 Training and Development, MGMT 569 Conflict Management and Organizational Change.
  • Once accepted to the MSLM program, it is expected students will register to attend both the Fall and Spring term of their senior year.
  • No undergraduate courses may be used to satisfy MSLM graduate level courses.
  • Students may take remaining GE and major requirements concurrently during their senior year.
  • MSLM courses are 8-week sessions held in the Fall and Spring terms.

How to Prepare to Meet Eligibility Requirements

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor as early as the first semester of the freshmen year to review both undergraduate BSOM curriculum and 4+1 MSLM program requirements.
  • Students interested in this program need to work closely with their Academic Advisor to develop a specific educational plan and must meet with their Academic Advisor each semester.