Master of Business Administration for Experienced Professionals (MBAX)

Degree Requirements

Foundation Courses

0-9 semester hours

The foundation courses a student must complete are determined by the Director’s review of the student’s undergraduate coursework and professional experience. If foundation courses are needed, they should be among the first courses taken.

BUS 600AAccounting & Finance3
BUS 600BEconomics3
BUS 600CStatistics3
BUS 500JBusiness Communications3
Total Semester Hours12

Foundation courses can be waived, if the equivalent undergraduate courses were completed at a regionally accredited college or university with a grade of C or higher within the past seven years.

Total Program: 33 semester hours

Core Courses

12 semester hours

BUS 630Corporate Finance3
BUS 650Organizational Behavior: Theory and Practice3
BUS 660Marketing Management3
BUS 670Technology Based Operations Management3
Total Semester Hours12


12 semester hours

Each student can select a set of courses that addresses his or her career needs. Specific concentrations can be pursued or courses can be selected from any 500-level BUS courses (other than foundation courses). A minimum of 12 semester hours of electives is needed to complete the degree requirements1.


Marketing and Finance concentrations require 9 semester hours.

Culminating Activity

3 semester hours

Concentrations/Electives for the MBA and MBA, Experienced Professionals

In addition to the concentrations listed below, students may pursue any of the concentrations listed under the M.S. Management and Leadership. Units do not double count in the Core and the Concentration.

Accounting Concentration

Required Courses
BUS 501Corporate Accounting and Reporting I3
BUS 502Corporate Accounting and Reporting II3
Select a minimum of two of the following:6
Accounting Information for Decision-Making
Accounting for Specialized Entities
Auditing Standards & Practices
Federal Taxation Concepts and Practices - Individual
Cost Accounting
Total Semester Hours12

Finance Concentration

Select a minimum of three of the following:9
Investment and Portfolio Analysis
Management of Financial Institutions
Investment Banking
Entrepreneurial Finance
International Financial Management
Financial Strategy & Policy
Total Semester Hours9

Note: BUS 630 Corporate Finance is a prerequisite to all Finance elective courses.

Information Technology Concentration

Select a minimum of four of the following:12
Management Support Systems
Integrated Data Management
Systems Planning and Implementation
Internet Marketing
Total Semester Hours12

International Business Concentration

BUS 516E-Business3
BUS 528Contemporary Issues in International Trade3
BUS 536International Financial Management3
BUS 566International Marketing Management3
Total Semester Hours12

Management and Leadership Concentration

MGMT 522Human Resource Management (Required)3
BUS 586Leadership in the Future (Required)3
Two additional elective course in BUS or MGMT6
Total Semester Hours12

Marketing Concentration

Select a minimum of three of the following:9
Seminar in Consumer Behavior
New Product Management
Marketing Channels/Distribution
Marketing Intelligence
Internet Marketing
International Marketing Management
The Management & Marketing of Services
Marketing Communications
Total Semester Hours9

Note: BUS 660 Marketing Management is a prerequisite to all Marketing elective courses.

Supply Chain Management Concentration

Required Courses
BUS 576Supply Chain Management & Strategy3
BUS 577Compliance Issues in Supply Chains3
Select a minimum of two of the following:6
Project Management
Marketing Channels/Distribution
Total Semester Hours12

Health Services Management Concentration

Required Course
HSM 501Current Trends and Issues in Health Services (Required)3
Select three of the following:9
Legal Issues in Health Service Organizations
Foundations of Public Health
Public Health Policy
Human Resource Management in Health Service Organizations
Management of Clinical and Financial Information
Field Work/Internship
Total Semester Hours12

Concentration vary by location and some are also available online. MBAX students are also eligible to pursue concentrations listed under the MSLM program.

Students in the MBAX must take additional electives (over and above the requirements for their concentration) in order to complete the requirement of the degree.

Additional electives might apply to each concentration, please consult the schedule each academic term.